• "The Winter of Our Discontent", by Steinbeck is a great read.  I really liked reading it during this long, cold winter.

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    Thinking about the Story…
    1. What means more, money or family?
    2. Have you ever felt discontent?
    3. Do you believe in fortune tellers?

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    Suggested Related Instructional Activities 
    • Make a student interpretation video similar to the one above.
    • Write an essay about America like the Ethan Hawley's son did.
    • Write a breaking web news article about all things Ethan Hawley did to get his way.

    Historical Overview 

    The Winter of Our Discontent was written in 1961 and is set in the 1960s.  Steinbeck forms a very negative view of capitalism and wealth in the novel.  The entire story is set between two major holidays, Easter and the Fourth of July.  These holidays are significant in that Ethan makes his unholy transformation during Holy Week and realizes that he is trapped in his new life on Independence Day. 

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