Parents' Page

  • Here you will find a list of some resources that may be useful to parents who have kids struggling with mental health or any social/emotional issues. Please reach out to me with any further questions or to discuss if any of these options may be right for your child and family! :)



    Counseling is available all over the Buffalo and Western New York area. You may choose to enroll your child in counseling through a group agency, or a private clinician/therapist. Here are some of my recommendations for counseling with an agency.




    206 South Elmwood Ave.

    Buffalo, NY





    Many locations across WNY, see their website for details!


    Spectrum Health


    1280 Main St.

    Buffalo, NY



    ECMC Outpatient


    ECMC Main Building

    462 Grider St.

    Buffalo, NY



    If you want to enroll with a private clinician, ask your child's doctor for a list of therapists that will take your insurance. You can also search yourself using engines on psychologytoday, BetterHelp and GoodTherapy, and many more search sites. Even a simple Google can turn in results! Be sure to look for reviews of therapists with your child so you can see who may best fit your child's needs.


    Emergency Mental Health Needs

    Sometimes you may need more immediate help for your child when they are having a suicidal episode or other mental health emergency. These are my recommendations for students who need same-day help... Write them down in your phone or on a note for your wallet for safekeeping!


    You DO NOT need an appointment to call or access these services for help! I also of course recommend calling 911 if someone is in immediate danger or has harmed themselves or someone else.


    Crisis Services






    BryLin Hospital



    Other great resources for mental health can be found on my Resources page!