Community Resources

  • Resources in Our Community
    Planned Parenthood

    Planned Parenthood provides
    services to people all across
    Western New York. They can
    assist you with birth control,
    medical check-ups, abortions,
    vaccines, pregnancy and drug
    testing, educational services,
    and even hormone and drug
    therapies. Check out a list
    providers, or just check in
    to one of their many offices
    in the Buffalo area.
    Planned Parenthood's Main Office:
    Planned Parenthood also has 
    interpreters available for people
    who do not speak English.

     Gay & Lesbian Youth Services

    GLYS is a local community
    resource which provides 
    all manner of activities and
    education for gay, lesbian,
    bisexual, transgender,
    questioning, or any other
    individuals. Their Drop-In
    Center frequently hosts
    community activities and
    other events for anyone
    to participate in. They also
    assist kids who are at risk
    of becoming homeless or
    are being harmed for their
    gender expression or sexual
    orientation. They also assist
    Gay-Straight Alliance clubs
    with funding and activities
    in the Pride Parade and 
    greater Buffalo community.

    To get involved with GLYS
    check out their website,
    or just stop by their Drop-
    In Center:

    317 Delaware Avenue
    Buffalo, NY

    Or give them a ring:

    Food Pantries

    East Side

    Response to Love Center

    130 Kosciuszko St.



    Monday-Thursday 9-11:30


    West Side

    Friends of Night People Pantry

    394 Hudson St.



    Mondays and Saturdays 11:30-2:30


    North Buffalo

    North Buffalo Food Pantry

    Parkside Lutheran Church

    2 Wallace Ave.



    Saturdays 9-1

    Emergencies Monday-Friday 9-12


    South Buffalo

    South Buffalo Food Pantry

    920 Tifft St.



    Tuesdays and Fridays 10-12 and 12:30-2:30


    You must bring I.D., and proof of residence and income! I also recommend calling ahead of time to verify times and locations, as sometimes information may have changed.

    You can also search for more places at

    Check out FeedMore to find out how you can get free meals and pantry food for your family! They even have a mobile food pantry! ;)