• #  NAME                                                                                              P_____                                                                                                                                                                                DATE                                                                                                                                 Essay on Character Traits


    Go on line and select a quote about character traits or moral character.

    Place this at the top of your essay.


    Within your introduction paragraph, you should discuss the following:

    What are character traits or moral character? Why are they important?

    You may then list the 4 character traits that you will be discussing in your essay. You can explain if they are negative/positive or anything you would like to add.


    Within your conclusion paragraph you should discuss the following:

    After researching these topics, what are your final thoughts about each topic? What advice can you provide the reader? Why are you providing this advice?

    Re-read your quote about character traits analyzing it, discuss how it relates to character traits.


    Be sure to use transition sentences between paragraphs 2-4.


    For example, after your paragraph about cheating, you may say: Another activity that can tarnish good character is gossip. This leads you into the next topic.

    Below is the essay rubric:

    Indicators            ____/20 pts

    4 squares             ____/30 5 pts ea

    Quote                   ____/10 pts

    Linked                   ____ 20 pts You linked the quote to the topic character traits.

    Total                     ____/80

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