Introduction to Personal Training (PT1)

  • Welcome Parents and Students!!!

    As another year begins, I want to express my sincere excitement for the opportunity to teach your child Personal Training at South Park High School.

    The Personal Training course is in its third year at South Park High School.  The program has the potential to provide great career opportunities for those who complete the three-year program.  With options to pursue a Personal Training Career and/or pursue other health-related careers with a head start in college.

    This year we will be exploring Personal Training from several different angles.  We will spend time in the classroom setting understanding the foundations of Exercise Science (Anatomy,Exercise Physiology, Bio-mechanics,etc).  In addition, we will participate in fitness labs where the students will complete hands-on activities that focus on the introduction to client management and fitness assessments.

    Your child is required to change into athletic clothes (t-shirt, shorts or athletic pants, and sneakers).  Students are given sufficient time to change before and after physical activities.  Each child will be assigned a cubby to store his/her athletic gear and classroom material.

    Please come ready to learn!