About S.A.D.D

  •                         About S.A.D.D.

    This program was developed to encourage students and parents to band together in the fight against drinking and driving. In September of 1981, a small high school in Wayland Massachusetts experienced a tragic loss. Two well known high school students died within a week of each other in alcohol related crashes. These needless deaths spurred a movement in the heart of hockey coach Robert Anastas, also the health director for Wayland High School and his students.

    SADD was introduced to South Park when Mrs. Katie Thomas came and shared her personal tragedy on how her best friend was killed in a drunk driving accident. This personal story has helped others realize that it can happen to anyone.

    Nationally the SADD program has expanded. It is no longer Students Against Drunk Driving, it is now Students Against Destructive Decisions.

    South Park's SADD Club provides students with the prevention tools to deal with underage drinking,drug use,impaired driving, and Destructive Decisions.