Bright Lights of South Park

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             In 2014 Principal Terri Schuta launched a project called, “Bright Lights of South Park”.  Her vision for this program was twofold.  

               At the onset, the project was intended to be a source of inspiration for current and future SPHS students as they walk the same halls as the Bright Lights did.  With this inspiration, the students can further refine their goals for the future and aspire to reach beyond their neighborhoods, or communities, the City or beyond, to chase their dreams.  Many of the SPHS graduates have done great things after their time at South Park.  We stood where they stand, on the shoulders of giants.

    Second, it is a small recognition for SPHS graduates who by their words, deeds or actions have distinguished themselves as they lived their lives with a well-grounded education.   Some of our fellow SPARKS have done great things in Sports, Education, Public Service, Military Service, Entertainment industry and more!

    So the program continues.  If you know of a SPHS graduate that would be an inspiration for our students please let us know!  You can reach us by email at:  SPHSAA@AOL.COM   In the subject line, please put:  Bright Lights – (persons name)

    In your e-mail please send us a short summary; include the persons name, year graduated, living or deceased, and a short summary outlining their achievements in education, extraordinary service in their community, in their work, in military or other service to America, acclaim in entertainment, personal accomplishments of other significant actions that bring credit or distinction to themselves and reflect the values of SPHS.  Please include references or hyperlinks for more information.  We'll get back to you!

    More than 35,000 young men and women have graduated from South Park.  There are many, many others who are or have been inspirations or roll models, please let us know who they are.


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