Our Fallen Warriors Remembered



    In 2016 the Alumni Association announced the release of a publication entitled, “Our Fallen Warriors, Remembered” as part of the 100 year Anniversary Celebration.

    The softcover publication is a timeline of 155 of our warriors during their experiences and activities at South Park through their loss of life in service to America.  It chronicles, to the best of the ability of the school publications, local newspapers and other internet resources, the “history” of each at South Park and then in their final days in service during WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Five died as Prisoners of War, and two later repatriated.  Thirty remain Missing in Action.


    It also honors 15 additional former students from World War II who were not included on the Monument outside the school, in 1946.


    A small number of copies of the 8 ½ x 11” book are still available at South Park.  All profit is donated to a “Mallion-McKeever Award” named for John A. Mallion and David M. McKeever, the first and most recent SPHS students killed in service to America.  Call the school for more details.


    Following the 2016 publication, research has continued into this Community Heritage project.  As of July 2019, an additional 33 former students have been identified as fallen warriors.  Information on each, and updates to this publication are posted in the “Postscript” section.


    Each section of this publication is available, as they appear in the book, in pdf format.


Our Fallen Warriors Remembered

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