New information and postscript

    Since 2014, the Fallen Warrior Project has developed a substantial amount of information on our classmates listed here.  As of November 2019, 205 of our former classmates are included in this community heritage work. 


    In 2016 and again in 2019 we published books to report the information we found.  Each are posted on this site.  During this time an additional 50 classmates who fell in service were identified.  While they all don’t appear in our books, due to the timeline of publication and discovery, each are listed here.


    To ensure interested readers are up to date, new data is listed here as “… - postscript” for specific warriors, newly identified warrior information and topical summaries of interest are provided.


    Of course, we welcome additional information and updates in the event we’ve overlooked anyone or made any errors.  Please let us know at


    Thank you for supporting this project and to all South Park veterans, Thank You for your service.


Welcome home... waiting for our POW's and MIA's

"Postscript" and updates

Additional Warriors