English I Freshmen



    Course Description



    Course Name: ELA I

    Course Number: EN01G

    Developmental Level: Grade 9 Benchmark

    Length of Course: 1 period per day, 6 days per cycle

    Credit: 1 credit

    Prerequisite: NA

    Assessment: End-of-Course 9


    The ELA I course exposes students to a wide range of genres including short stories, novels, drama, epic poetry, mythology, lyric poetry, and expository text written by diverse authors from ancient times to the present. Selections reflect the changing cultural values of a global society, exploring concepts such as the nature of heroism, personal choices, and relationships among family members. The course also introduces students to elements and techniques central to the study of literature, such as conflict, irony, figurative language, symbolism, characterization, suspense, the conventions of a play, and poetic conventions. Vocabulary instruction is delivered using several strategies: explicit instruction, morphemic analysis, and contextual clues. Students will also receive instruction in several writing frameworks – research, persuasion, controlling idea, compare/contrast, and cause and effect - to better inform their own writing.

     Students enrolled in the course are expected to sit for the End-of-Course 9 assessment in June.