Honors Track / Advanced Placement

  • Honors Track and Advanced Placement Program


    South Park High School strives to accommodate the full range of student abilities and learning styles.  In order to provide challenges that go above and beyond Regents requirements, South Park has established a Honors Track and Advanced Placement Program.  Students who demonstrate exceptional academic performance and test results in grammar school or at past schools may apply to join this program.  Enrollment in Honors track or AP courses is indicated on student transcripts sent to colleges or the military.

    Underclassmen in the Honors Track program take courses in the core Regents subjects that explore areas beyond the Regents curriculum.  These courses are characterized not only by additional content, but by significantly heightened rigor and demands.  As Honors students progress during their career at South Park, they are offered the opportunity to take Advanced Placement courses.  Advanced Placement Courses give students the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school.  Students who are not in the Honors track program, but exhibit strong academic work in a particular subject are also permitted to matriculate into AP courses with a letter of recommendation from a teacher in that content area.


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    Advanced Placement Courses Currently Offered at South Park

    • English Composition and Literature
    • United States History
    • Biology
    • Psychology
    • Statistics


    To find out more about the Honors Track and AP Program at South Park High School, please contact your child's counselor in the Student Support-Counseling Office.