• Q. Do I have to wear a uniform?

    A.You usually wear your uniform one day a week and when you participate in special ceremonies. The rest of the time, you may dress as you normally would.

    Q. Do I have to get a short haircut?

    A.Not normally. As one JROTC instructor says, "We're interested in what's in your head, not what's on it."

    Q. Do JROTC cadets have an obligation to join the military?

    A. No, you're under no obligation for any future military service.

    Q. Do I have to pay for my uniform?

    A. No, the JROTC program supplies you with your uniform, books, and any equipment the the course requires.

    Q. Is there someone I can talk to about the JROTC program?

    A. Yes, either your school guidance counselor or the program's military instructor will be happy to discuss JROTC with you and answer any questions you may have.