Social Studies






    Materials: The following items are required for all Social Studies courses

    and must be purchased by the second week of school: 


    -         One  2”- 3” Three Ring Binder

    -         One set of tab dividers (6)

                        – vocabulary, notes, handouts, essays, tests/quizzes/quarterly assessments and projects

    -         Loose Leaf Paper

    -         Pens and Pencils (A pair and a spare – 2 pens and 1 pencil)

    -         A Flash Drive

    -         Highlighters (pink, green and yellow)


    Failure to be prepared or failure to prepare for learning is a recipe for failure.

    You control your own destiny – start off on the right foot –

    be prepared EVERYDAY!!!!!

    Our department seeks to teach students about the past, the treasures of world cultures, as well as societal and individual thought processes.  But perhaps more importantly, we work to teach students how to use lessons from these areas to inform the role they will take in our society and democracy.

    Attention Parents and Students
    Please take a moment to visit the course descriptions sections of the Resources section of this website. 

    These course descriptions are extremely helpful in deciding your Social Studies course selections for the next school year.

    Department Roster and Courses
    (please consult the Faculty/Staff directory within this website for email addresses and telephone extensions)

    Mrs. Delores E. Coleman                                  Mr. Michael Linneball
    Mrs. Erica Kulik                                                Mrs. Ruby Kam
    Mrs. Cathy Olzewski
    Ms. Karolina Roman

    Links and Resources

    The following links represent outstanding resources for students and parents to expand
    their knowledge of history, sociology, economics, and government.

    Great Documents of History (Magna Carta, etc.)  
    National Geographic Maps  
    Mr. Lincoln's White House  
    About the countries of the world  
    The American Experience: Lost in the Grand Canyon  
    Institute of Nautical Archaeology  
    Crisis in Kosovo  
    A&B Public Speaking Archive  
    Index of Resources for Historians  
    The History Net  
    Welcome to Historical Research on the Net  
    The Atomic Archive - History of the Atom Bomb  

    Volunteer Opportunities


    If you know of additional links, resources or documents that you feel would benefit our students please contact our department key communicator, Mrs. Cathy Olszewksi (