Special Education

  • Special Education Department


    South Park High School strives to enable students with special needs to achieve academic excellence through a caring, accommodating and challenging

     learning environment



    Eileen Noworyta
    Coordinator/Consultant Teacher


    Links and Phone Numbers for Parents and Students with Special Needs:
    Parents of students with disabilities often need access to a variety of resources to ensure the social and academic success of their child.  Here are a few fast, on-line links to get you and your child the range of resources which fit your individual needs:
    Western New York Regional Information Network
    This outstanding website provides an extraordinary link to virtually every human resources available in the city of Buffalo.  Select human service agencies and you will be directed to the many fine programs our city offers to support struggling students and their families.  Some examples include, but are not limited to the Community Action Organization, Inc. offering counseling, tutorial help and GED preparation.; the Bob Lanier Center for Educational, Physical and Cultural Development, Inc. offers a comprehensive Drop-Out Prevention Program.
    Vocational Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilties
    People Inc.      
    Baker Victory Services      
    Kids Helpline      
    Important Phone Numbers Related to Special Education Services:
    South Park High School School Special Education Office 816.4828 (ext. 110)  
    BPS Special Education Placement Office (Mrs. Noeller) 828.4723  
    Laidlaw Transportation (Special Education Services) 828.4879  
    Legal Aid 853.9555  
    Child Health Plus 1.800.522.5006  
    Crisis Services Kids' Helpline 834.1144  
    Jesse Nash Health Center (woman's center) 858.8422  
    Jesse Nash Health Center (dental center) 858.2198  
    Lackawanna Health Center 823.0131  
    Roberto Clemente Health Center 858.8655  
    Univera Community Health 504.0560  
    Association for Learning Disabilities 874.7200  
    Parent Network 332.4173  
    Heritage Center (employment) 856.4201  
    Heritage Center (service coordination) 833.8601  
    VESID Intake 848.0801  
    VESID for South Park High School 848.8076  
    People Inc. (Mr. O'Connor) 694.6624 (ext.256)  

    If you know of any additional documents, links or resources that you think would be useful to families of students with special needs or special education teachers, please contact Mrs. Noworyta by phone 716-816-4828or at enoworyta@buffaloschools.org      

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