Visual Arts

  • The Visual Arts Department at South Park High School includes three art teachers and two classroom/studios.  During their time at South Park High School, students participate in art courses to compliment their core academic subjects as well as to meet New York State graduation requirements.  Students within art courses seek not only to further own understanding of visual arts, but also to provide service to the school through the painting of murals and assisting with building displays for special times of the year. 


    2004 Senior Mural


    Sample of SPHS Visuals Arts Dept. Murals

    Studio Art

    Creative Crafts

    Drawing and Painting
    Advanced Crafts

    (Detailed course descriptions can be found in the Parent & Student Resources section of this website)


    The Visual Arts department offers the following courses to students at South Park:

    7th and 8th graders who are artistically inclined should consider taking courses our of the South Park Visual Arts department as well as applying to the Graphic Communication Magnet Program at South Park.




    The following links are provided for South Park Visual Art students to assist them in completion of certain assignments, but are a great resource for anyone interested in the arts!

    Albright Knox Art Gallery

    Museum of Modern Art

    Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Gugenheim Museums

    The Louvre (English version site)

    Smithsonian Institution



    Princeton Art Education Resources