Art history slides - Islamic Art

  • Islam exists in two factions, Shiite and Sunni, each based on different leadership claims after Muhammed's death. Muhammed's religious message was powerful and accepted by many especially the Arabs of 7th century. By 750 C.E. North Africa,the Middle East and parts of Spain, India, and Central Asia were converted to Islam.

    Calligraphy is one of the most popular art forms in the Isalmic world. It is based on the Arabic Script. It transmits the texts that God revealed to Muhammed. Calligraphers are the most respected Islamic artists.

    Architecture: All mosques face Mecca. All muslims must pray 5 times a day and they must face the Holy city. The Qiblah, or direction to Mecca is marked by a mihrab, a niche in the wall.Minarets are constructed to call people to prayer.

    Vocabulary to know:

    Arabesque                     Mecca                       Tessellation

    Calligraphy                    Mihrab                       Qiblah

    Jali                               Minaret                       Muqarnq

    Koran                           Minbar                          Muhammed

    Kufic                             Mosque                       Muezzin