College Information

  • Good beginnings:
    Prompt #1
    Code 10 to the Cath Lab! Code 10 to the Cath Lab!" My heart sank when I heard those words coming over the intercom while we sat in the surgical waiting room. I looked at the faces of my sister and brother and knew that my dad was in trouble...

    Prompt #2

    "Hello, mom? It's me. I have to tell you something. I want to come back

    home, ok? You're going to be really disappointed in me."

    That is how I began telling my mom that I had done so poorly my first

    semester that I wasn't sure the school would take me back.

    Prompt #3

    As I walked into St. Ambrose Church that Sunday, I knew it would

    be the last time I would be attending Sunday mass. It was as if the

    other church-goers knew that I was on my way to becoming a sinner. I imagined their stares as I walked up the aisle, knelt, and took my seat. The Catholic guilt instilled in me since birth was paralyzing.