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  • reADING                    Welcome!!

    I am excited to begin teaching all of you in English 9 and 10.
    th graders have an assignment due the first day of attendance.  This should not have anyone in panic mode. It is meant to be a fun exercise for you and your parent/guardian. 
    NO- you do not need to buy or read the play.  It is simply reading and answering questions about things you know about- RELATIONSHIPS (with parents/ friends/ boy or girlfriends too.
    Next thing to do is to write a journal entry about your findings- did you and your parnet/guardian have the same answers or were they different?  What did you notice about the commnts you both made?ETC>
    Next you are to read the prolouge of "Romeo and Juilet" and try to figure out what each sentence means.

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