Our academic programs are designed to teach students the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will best prepare them for success in a global society.  Da Vinci students and teachers bring a diversity of knowledge, experiences and accomplishments to our school community.  But what we all share is an intense curiosity and love of learning.  We strive to provide a stimulating academic curriculum that is challenging and appropiate for our student body.  Our faculty foster rigorous, collaborative learning environments where students can develop their critical thinking, take creative and intellectual risks, and deeply engage in the content.  


    As part of our agreement with D'Youville College, Leonardo da Vinci students have the opportunity to take college courses.  Starting sophmore year students can take 1 class per semester through their junior year. Senior year students can take 2 classes per semester. Tuition and books are covered by the partnership agreement.  Enrollment and successful completion of a college course will result in a student earning college credit. Students can earn up to 24 college credits before high school graduation. 


    Leonardo da Vinci students go on to study at colleges and universities around the world. 


    Global Society