Compact for Learning










    The mission Burgard High School is to maintain a professional learning community that provides a challenging academic program coupled with career and technical education training.


    Burgard presents this compact for the purpose of not only carrying out our mission and goals, but to ensure that our students and parents work in partnership with other stakeholders for the betterment of the school-community.


    Burgard’s goal is to provide students with academic rigor and relevance so they may achieve academic, career, and personal success.


    Burgard is committed to and believes:


    • Reading is a necessary component of academic success for all students;
    • Academic rigor that is meaningful and relevant, coupled with developmentally appropriate  instruction and positive relationships, will result in increased student achievement;
    • In character development, whereby students gain the emotional intelligence and motivation to function as proactive, productive, and respectful members of their community;
    • It is necessary to actively engage our parents in the school and their child’s education,  as well as to create meaningful partnerships with parents as they are our children’s first and most influential teachers and are integral to the high academic achievement of students;
    • Student achievement is enhanced through consistent monitoring of student performance based on data-driven instruction.


    Parents must commit to ensuring their child:


    • Attends school everyday – on time, prepared, and ready to learn;
    • Values education and the role it plays in their lives;
    • Maintains orderly conduct;
    • Leads by example;
    • Self-advocates and seek help when needed
    • Respects themselves and treat others as they expect to be treated; Arrive early and prepared for school and classes
    • Respects the school rules;
    • Dresses appropriately and respectfully for the school environment;
    • Respect and cooperate with teachers, staff, and other adults



    The school will provide effective two-way communication between the family and school.


    Burgard is committed to providing opportunities for families to learn how to help their children succeed in school with targeted parental programming.


    We ask our parents to commit to the support of family-school efforts to enhance learning by reviewing your children’s progress and attendance regularly, and to take advantage of the myriad of school help programs.

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