Dress Code/Expectations/Supply List

  • 2012-2013 School Year



    Student attendance is required by law.  Students with attendance that falls below the state mandate will be referred to appropriate agencies and/or personnel for remediation and solutions.


    Dress Code:  Due to student and parent requests, Burgard’s dress code policy has been changed to the following: 


    A lanyard with school I.D. must be worn at all times.

    Clothing may only be black or white, with the exception of neck ties. 

    Students may wear solid black or white slacks with either a solid white or black shirt.  Ladies may wear solid black or white skirts.

    Shirts may be a long or short sleeve polo or dress shirt. 

    The young ladies must have a collar on their blouses. 

    The young men are encouraged to wear ties and they may be any color. 

    Sweaters and sweater vests may be worn as long as they are either solid black or white. 

    Denim and T-shirts are NOT allowed. 

    Thermal long sleeve shirts MAY NOT be worn under short sleeve shirts. 

    Hooded garments are NOT allowed. 

    All clothing must be properly fitting; not too big, not too tight and belted at the waist. 

    Small earrings are permissible for the young ladies. 

    Male students may not wear earrings. 


    Students are expected to be in dress code on Wednesday, September 8, 2010.  Students who comply with dress code are rewarded throughout the year.  Students who ignore dress code requirements are NEVER sent home, but are given a detention and/ or are required to complete their school work in the in school suspension room.


    Cell phones and electronic items are not permitted to be used during school hours.  These items are to be stored in student lockers. 


    There is a zero tolerance policy regarding harassment or violence on school property, cell phones and the Internet. 


    Hall sweeps will continue to maximize student learning.  Any student who is not in class when the bell rings will not be admitted to class without an adult and students who arrive to class on time will be rewarded throughout the year.


    School Supply List

    1 Large 3 ring binder (with pockets)

    1 pencil case (with 3 holes to fit into the binder)

    5 folders

    5 notebooks

    4 boxes of pens

    4 boxes of pencils

    3 highlighters

    1 pack of loose leaf paper

    1 TI-84 calculator (Math)

    Packages of lined 3x5 flash cards (200 cards needed) (Social Studies)

    Updated: July 29, 2010