High School Graduation Requirements


    New York State requires that every student complete a minimum of 22 units of credit in order to earn a diploma. In order to be best prepared for academic life beyond the high school, we urge our students, whenever possible, to complete four years of each of the five major academic subject areas, (English, Math, Science, Social Studies and a Language other than English.)  New York state also requires students to pass a Regents Comprehensive Examination in one math, one science, Global Studies, US History and English 3. The minimum courses required for graduation, are listed as follows:


    • English, 4 credits
    • Social Studies, 4 credits
    • Math, 3 credits
    • Science, 3 credits *
    • Language other than English, 1 credit**
    • Art/Music/Drama, 1 credit
    • Physical Education, 2 credits
    • Health, .5 credits
    • Electives as required to total 22 credits

         * At least one course must be in life sciences and at least one must be in the physcial sciences.

     ** A total of three credits must be completed in order to earn an Advanced Regents diploma.  It should be noted that New York State's general regents graduation requirement in a Language other than English (one year), is lower than many college or university minimum entrance requirements.

    Diploma Requirements Based on June 2005 Board of Regents Action To Phase In
    The 65 Graduation Standard On Required Regents Exams


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