High School Plan


    Junior Year



    › Discuss colleges at home and review financial as well as other considerations of importance.

    Meet with your School Counselor and/or our College Advisor. Develop a tentative list of schools to research and visit.

    Register for SAT I: Reasoning Test, SAT II: Subject Test and/or ACT.  

    Attend the College Fairs.

    Sign up to attend the NACAC National College Fair.      

    Research colleges and potential careers.

    Meet with your counselor to work on senior schedules. (Consider     choosing challenging college preparatory courses).

    Begin SAT and/or ACT preparation. 

    Register online at www.collegeboard.com/satprep to prepare for the SAT. 

    Check with the Student Services Office and High School website for SAT Prep courses.



    Contact colleges for information and arrange for visits in the spring.

    Participate in Spring Open Houses.  (It is best to visit colleges while they are in session to get a true feel for the campus.  Be sure to visit the Admissions and Financial Aid offices).

    Begin considering a summer job, internship or pre-approved summer course.

    Parents complete and return Parental Statement to your child’s School Counselor.

    Please see your School Counselor regarding an application to one of the Military Academies.

    Consider re-taking Regents Exams to improve scores.



    Ask 2 to 3 teachers who can speak to your personal and academic attributes for letters of recommendation.

    Plan for summer – visit colleges.                                                                   

    Contact colleges for information.

    Double check your senior year schedule for all required courses, for both graduation and college admissions.

    Begin formulating ideas for the college essay.

    Develop a personal/academic resume.

    Register for the NCAA Clearinghouse.


    Have a safe and enjoyable summer!


    Senior Year Calendar



    Request letters of recommendation from teachers.

    Meet with your School Counselor regarding the college application process. 

    Write senior essays.                

    Meet with college representatives in the Student Services Office.

    Register for SAT I: Reasoning Test, SAT II: Subject Test and/or ACT’s                           

    Attend College Fair



    Visit college campuses.

    Follow up with teachers regarding letters of recommendation.

    Submit applications to colleges and notify your school counselor of any forms that need to    be completed on your behalf TWO WEEKS PRIOR to deadline. 

    Most Early Decision / Early Action deadlines are Nov. 1st & Nov. 15

    Attend WNY College Consortium at the high school.

    Register for SAT I: Reasoning Test, SAT II: Subject Test and/or ACT’s    

    Send SAT scores online to meet application deadlines.



    Check with colleges for required financial forms.

    Register for SAT I: Reasoning Test, SAT II: Subject Test and/or ACT’s

    Continue to investigate available scholarships.

    Attend Financial Aid Workshop at the high school. 



    Begin preparing for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by organizing family financial papers.

    Apply, with a parent/guardian, for your PIN number at www.pin.ed.gov to file the FAFSA online in January.

    Pay attention to deadlines for applications, financial aid and scholarships.

    Be sure all applications are submitted to your School Counselor at least two weeks before winter break.  Applications will not be processed during the break.



    Financial aid forms should be completed and submitted on-line, as soon as possible, after January 1.

    See your School Counselor for Mid-Year Grades to be sent. 

    Continue focusing on academic success, as your final grades will be reported to the colleges.

    Continue scholarship search.

    Follow up with admissions to ensure all application materials have been received.



    Look for Spring Open Houses and plan campus visits.

    Complete all campus financial aid applications.

    Keep checking for scholarship opportunities.

    Begin making decisions on where you will attend college in the fall - WEIGH ALL OPTIONS!!



    Provide copies of acceptance letters and financial aid awards to your School Counselor.

    MEET DEADLINES for submitting deposits (tuition, dorm, etc.) OR YOU MAY LOSE THE ACCEPTANCE THAT YOU HAVE EARNED!

    Request for your FINAL TRANSCRIPTS to be sent to your college.



    › High School Graduation!!!