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    Students who are college bound student athletes should register in the fall of their junior year with the NCAA Eligibility Center if they plan on participating in college athletics.  Early registration promotes positive planning and involvement, bypasses the last minute rush and helps avoid issues that may delay academic and amateur certifications. The process is easy and can be done by:

    1.  Logging on th the Eligiblity Center's new website at

    2.  Selecting the "Fall 2014 or After" icon.

    3.  Selecting the "New Account" tab at the top of the screen; and

    4.  Beginning the registration process.

    ***Remember that applying to the eligibilty center does not take the place of applying for admission to the college or university that you wish to attend or whose athletic coach is interested in recruiting you. NCAA eligibility and admission to a college or university are two separate processes.

    -Taken from the NCAA Eligibility website 12/18/2009 


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