Student Support Course Syllabus

  • Student Support Services

    Course Syllabus


    Mrs. Neiss

    Burgard High School 2015-2016


    Course Description


    This course is designed to provide direct, specialized instruction and academic remediation, as well as assistance with coursework and related assignments as individuals or in groups.


    Course Components

    This course is uniquely individual and designed to meet students’ specific needs. In general, students will be working on the following:

    • General reading comprehension
    • Reading across the content areas
    • Writing strategies
    • Math concepts (if applicable)
    • Exam/Testing strategies
    • Regents preparation
    • College/Career Readiness skills (Senior students)
    • Community service (Senior students, as time allows)


    Course Material Requirements


    The only material thing you’ll need for class is a writing utensil (pen or pencil). All other materials, including a notebook for journaling and a folder for maintaining assignments, will be provided for you. Aside from that, you are expected to come in and give 110% of your effort and attention to working on the skills that will make you successful!


    Course Expectations

    The following are the general rules/expectations for any and all activities in our classroom:

    1. We are ALL on the same team!
      1. RESPECT one another
      2. RESPECT yourself
      3. RESPECT our space
    2. We support and reinforce all building and district policies:
      1. NO cell phones/electronic devices
      2. NO bags/backpacks/hats/hoodies
      3. NO food or drink brought into the classroom (unless we provide it as a reward)
    3. Raise your hand to share ideas or ask a question.
    4. Avoid sidebar conversations.



    “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

    Benjamin Franklin