Classroom News

  • Mrs. Klaich 5A

    School #59 has adopted a theme of Peace for this year. We are stressing the importance of peaceful co-existence at school in many different ways. We use the "peace sign" to let our students know that we need their attention. They stop what they are doing, stop talking and give full attention. The entire school recognizes and uses this sign.
    We are also acknowledging  students for doing positive acts more often by giving them a ticket which makes them eligible for a prize drawing from the office each Friday. The response has been quite impressive. The bin that holds these tickets in the office is filling up very quickly.
    Each class has been assigned a display case to decorate and highlight our ongoing peace movement in our school. Our class has drawn a portrait of their self in a tie dyed or colorful tee shirt, many with the peace sign on them. They have written an essay about what they think of when they think of "peace".
    On Tuesday, September 27th, everyone is urged to bring a tee shirt in and we will tie dye it to wear at our Peace Celebration on Friday, September 30.
    It is our hope that through these efforts, our students become more cognizant of the importance peace plays in school, home, their community and within themselves.