• What is my balance? 


    Be sure to complete the SENIOR FORM

    Senior Dues 2022-23



    All dues must be paid in full by January 13!

    If ordering a hoodie, your first dues payment (or the entire amount) must be paid by October 7, otherwise a hoodie will not be ordered for you. 


    When possible, we suggest paying the entire balance at once, but the following dates have been established for those needing to make payments.


    CASH * CHECK / MONEY ORDER (Payable to Hutch Tech)


    Payments can be made starting Mon., Sept. 19 in room 215, before/after school


    Deposit Dates:

    1. Friday, October 7 - $70 deposit is due
    (This date will be strictly adhered to for students ordering a hoodie – the hoodie cannot be ordered without a deposit, extras will not be ordered.)


    2. Friday, November 4 - $70 due (this plus the initial deposit covers the basic package)


    3. Friday, December 2 - $70 due


    4. Friday, January 13 – Balance Due in FULL

    (Dues not paid in full will result in the cancellation of prom ticket/yearbook order)


    PLEASE NOTE - if any prepaid events get cancelled due to COVID-19 protocols or restrictions, the dues paid for those events will be refunded. Dues will not be refunded for items ordered and paid for in advance. For example, a hoodie or cap and gown.