• Senior Class Day

    June 2, 2023
    8:30 - 11:30
    153 Franklin St.
    Buffalo, NY
    * * *
     Dues includes a ticket for the Senior and ONE parent/guardian. 
    Each Senior may purchase ONE additional ticket for $40.
    Tickets must be ordered and paid for by May 26. 

    IMPORTANT: ALL Seniors attending must submit a
    Parent/Guardian consent and early release form.
    All forms are due by May 30.


    To sit with friends at the Senior Breakfast: 


     Tables are limited to 10 people.



    Additonal Ticket Purchase

    Senior Class Prom

    A Night at the Masquerade

    June 9, 2023
    Check-in starts at 6:30
    Doors open at 7:00
    Dinner at 8:00
    Last dance at 11:00
    Tickets $65
    Ticket Sales May 8 - June 1
    Pay for ordered tickets in room 215
    Must complete the Order Form before paying for tickets.
    Mandatory Pre-Prom Meeting
    for Hutch Tech students (only)
    7 & 8th period - June 8
    (Guests without authorization forms submitted must come to a meeting on June 8 @ 3:30 PM.)
    * * *
    Prom Location: 
    333 Dick Road
    Depew, NY
    * * *
    Dues must be paid in full to attend events,
    including as a guest.
    If you ordered a prom ticket through your dues
    but are not paid in full, your ticket
    has been cancelled and you must purchase one.

    Attendance at school the day of prom is required. The prom is a school event and code of conduct violations resulting in disciplinary actions, poor attendance, & non-passing grades may disqualify you from attending the prom. If you are concerned that you may be disqualified, do not assume you are, see an administrator.