Senior Polls!

  • We have the Winners

    Poll Results

    Best Smile

    Hatham Alarefi

    Madison Michels


    Most Changed

    Jeremiah Burruss

    Sakinah Akram


    Most School Spirit

    Alex Maldonado

    Maryam Nor


    Most Athletic

    Andrew Core

    Tatiana Boyd


    Still Mistaken as A Freshmen

    Monte Mason

    Mykayla Mercado


    Best Dressed

    Randy Manyvanh

    Pleh Meh


    Most Likely to Be an Entrepreneur

    Machi Gibbs

    Devanee Holmes



    Aniya Hugley

    Eman Hasson

    Priya Ahmed


    Bromance…. Enough Said

    Isaac Thomas Hicks

    Chase Binga

    Andrew Knight


    Class Clowns

    Kerrine Matthews

    Londyn Moore


    Most Artistic

    Aidan Kinsey

    Cheyenne Johns


    Most Involved

    Zachary Eckborg

    Maryam Nor


    Most Likely to Brighten Your Day

    Law Bah Htoo

    Maryam Nor



    Jared Burgos

    Amani Martin


    Social Media Famous

    Andrew Knight

    Paris Thomas


    Attached At the Hip

    Melana Ellis & Molly Mchugh


    Most Likely to Be Famous

    Thymus Jacobs

    Chianti Nelson


    Tightest Group

    Anthony Truilizio, Melissa Proctor,
    Madison Michels, Autumn Koch,
    Hay Thangay Way, & Layber Aye