Career and Financial Management


    Career and Financial


    Course Description

    Career and Financial Management - Part B is a half (0.5) credit, combined with a half credit from Part A, creating a full year’s non-regents credit.  This half-year course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn effective uses of technology in education and career. Students will explore aspects associated with Technology, Business, Career-readiness, Time Management, and Entrepreneurship. Students will be provided the opportunity to explore several aspects of computer applications including:


    • Basic Computer Skills
    • Keyboarding
    • Word Processing
    • Spreadsheets
    • Presentation Graphics
    • E-file Management


    Schoology is the e-classroom management tool that will be utilized throughout the entire course.

    All students have a district established Schoology account and will get upcoming assignments, project expectations, missing work, current grades, and messages for the good of the class. The majority of assignments and project outlines will be available through Schoology. Completed assignments and projects will be submitted and graded through Schoology. Students absent from class should check the website for missed assignments and projects. Students absent from school for extended periods of time will be expected to find and complete all required coursework through the Schoology website.

    Parents should review and discuss student progress in the course with their child on a regular basis.


    Microsoft Teams

    The class link can be found on Schoology, first item under Materials.

    Period 2: 9:02 – 9:46              Period 3: 9:50 – 10:34


    Assignments and Projects

    Assignments and projects will be completed according to the requirements provided at the beginning of the task.  Coursework will be completed and submitted electronically (eSubmissions) through Schoology. Students will be expected to maintain and save notes using OneNote. All work is expected to be the student’s own work and submitted by the required deadline. Students absent from class are expected to make up any missed work.  Appointments can be made with the teacher to make up work, receive assistance or complete unfinished work. Late assignments may not be accepted and grades will not be changed once a marking period has closed.


    Ultimately, students are responsible for their own success and must make every effort to complete all assignments/projects/homework. Success is dependent upon the student and the parent/guardian making sure expectations are met and discussing school activity on a regular basis.


    Typing Lessons

    There will be a weekly, ongoing, typing assignment of 30 minutes of logged, active time, on Students will be graded weekly based on the completion of this Typing practice and ongoing assignment. Parents are asked to watch and encourage the student to use and practice proper typing technique while at home. Students may also come before or after school to accomplish any tasks they cannot do at home.



    All assignments will use a point system out of 100 points (unless otherwise noted).

    Projects will use a rubric based out of 100 points (unless otherwise noted).


    Final grades will be determined by:

    50% Assignments/Projects

    20% Assessments

    15% Typing / Homework

    15% Unit Projects



    A grade of 65 or better is required to pass the course and receive the 0.5 credit.                         



    When the teacher is absent from class, an assignment WILL BE GIVEN and expected to be completed and submitted by the end of the class period that day.  ALL assignments will be worth 100 points and CANNOT be made up unless the student is legitimately absent from school that day.


    Teacher Contact

    Parents are always strongly encouraged to take and play a role in their child’s education. Contact can be made with the teacher via e-mail, phone, or message on If there are any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Duttweiler.


    Course Objectives

    • Learn how to use and effectively implement technology tools
    • Learn how to create and demonstrate proper communication skills
    • Develop and improve keyboarding skills and knowledge
    • Learn and implement methods to help stay organized and use time effectively
    • Learn how to create
      • Documents
      • Spreadsheets
      • Presentations
    • E-file Management
    • Learn to improve your typing abilities (WPM=words per minute)
      • Learn proper typing techniques and strategies


    Units of Study

         Timeframes are subject to change


    1.      Computer basics and technology tools:

    • Office 365
    • Schoology
    • Microsoft Teams
    • The Computer

    Introduction to Keyboarding

    ·         Weekly requirement, 30 minutes



    Weeks 1 – 3



    Week 3
    (ongoing for the duration of the course)


    2.      Microsoft Word

    • Icons and Shortcuts
    • Ribbon Bar
    • Formatting
    • Projects
    • Unit Project 


    Week 4 – 9



    Week 9 - 10


    Assessment – Units 1 & 2

            Multiple Choice

    Week 10

    3.      Microsoft Excel

    • Ribbon Bar
    • Navigation
    • Tools
    • Formulas
    • Projects
    • Unit Project



    Week 11 – 13



    Week 13-14


    Assessment – Units 3

         Multiple Choice / Workbook

    Week 14

    4.      Microsoft PowerPoint

    • Ribbon Bar
    • Navigation
    • Tools
    • Projects
    • Unit Project
    • Class Presentation


    Week 15 – 18





    Week 18

    Week 19-20


    Final Course Assessment

           Multiple Choice

    Week 20


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