My Booklist

  • Hello and welcome to my booklist!!! 


    We do not use a specific book for math - we use Modules 1 -5, EngageNY.  You are given modules as we address them, not all 5 at once.  Modules are accessible on-line as well as the hard copies given in class.  The hard copies given in class are consumable (you can write in them!).


    Read.  Read. Read.  And then read some more!  Reading literally takes you places you have never been and it gives you ideas of where you want to go in your life and what you want to see.  I know.  When I was in 9th grade I read "The Sun Also Rises", by Hemingway as part of assigned readings.  After reading that book I knew I wanted to go to Spain, where the book takes place.  I held onto that idea over the years.  After finishing my undergrad, and before committing to my graduate work, I went to Spain - lived there for 3 years.  And it all started with a book that was assigned reading in Freshman English!   So start deciding where you will go, reading will help get you there!!!