Spanish 1


    Español 1

    Course Guidelines

    Teacher: Mrs. Buchnowski


    Dear student, parents, and/ or guardian,


    ¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to Spanish 1 class!  My name is Mrs. Buchnowski and I am looking forward to working with all of you this year.


    Course outline: Spanish I emphasizes the foundation skills of speaking, listening, writing, and reading, taught through the application of simple grammatical concepts, and practice in listening and speaking individually, and in pairs and groups.  Daily activities include; listening to native speakers on audio and video; singing songs, playing games, practicing vocabulary through partner and group activities, reading and writing simple Spanish paragraphs and studying different cultures.


    Topics to be covered: Students will use the correct vocabulary, grammar structures and cultural knowledge to communicate about the following situations:

    • Greetings, introductions, alphabet, numbers, tell time, useful phrases

    • Activities people like and don’t like to do.  Personality traits.

    • Daily class schedules.  Describing classes. Describing locations. Expressing feelings.

    • Meals and food.  Activities to maintain good health.

    • Places to go.  Activities outside of school.

    • Family. Restaurant vocabulary.

    • Rooms in a house. Household chores.

    • Shopping for clothes. Stores.


      Required Supplies 

    • Blue, black, and red pen and pencil

    • 3 ring binder for notes, classroom worksheets, and papers, with separate  folder with pockets.


      Homework guidelines: Homework will be assigned 3 to 4 times a week and each student is responsible for recording the assignment and completing it. Proficiency in a foreign language is a skill develops through practice; therefore it is important to complete all assignments to reinforce concepts introduced in class. Homework is due on the following day.  late work is accepted for partial credit  


      Expectations: Frequent and consistent study is essential for success in foreign language. Often memorization of vocabulary will be assigned for homework assignment and a quiz will be given the next day at the start of class.


      Grading: Grading is based on the total points earned by student (an accumulation of test grade, quizzes, project, class participation, homework, etc.)  Out of total points possible per quarter.


      Absent from Class: It is the responsibility of the students to make up all missed work, especially test and quizzes. Student MUST make arrangements to meet with the teacher for the sake of making up tests or quizzes. Any test or quizzes not taken will become a zero.


       Class Rules:

             1.) Work as a team.
             2.) Be responsible.
             3.) Listen to others.
             4.) Be respectful and courteous.
             5.) Be kind and helpful.


    Following these simple rules will make for an optimum learning environment.

    Violating these rules will result in: warning and documentation, parental contact, and disciplinary referral.


    Thank you for your attention and cooperation.  I am looking forward to a productive and exciting year!




    Mari Carmen Buchnowski


      Spanish Teacher