•                                                                                                                             September 2015


    Dear Parents/Guardians,  

                My name is Mari Carmen Buchnowski and I have the pleasure of teaching your child Spanish 1 this school year.  I expect your son/daughter to pass Spanish I this school year.  I will plan lessons that will facilitate his/her success and encourage your child to do their best each day.  I am available for extra help.  Students must talk with me in advance to arrange for this since I travel between two Schools.

                In order to help your child prepare for success, please go over the following points regarding my classroom procedures.

    • Students must report to class every day with a pen/pencil, a binder with paper and a folder.

    • Students must be on time.

    • Homework will be assigned Monday- Thursday.

    • Studying should take place daily.

    • 1-2 quizzes will be given each week.  Students will always be notified at least one-day in advance.

    • Chapter Test and Unit Tests will be administered every 2-3 weeks with a four day notice.


      Feel free to contact me throughout the year if you have any questions or concerns. I am looking forward to a productive and exciting year.




    Mari Carmen Buchnowski

          Spanish Teacher

    PS 53 Community School

    Phone: 716-816-3330

    PS 91 BUILD Academy

    Phone: 716.816.4140