CAD and 3D Modeling

  • The name of this class taught within the Engineering curriculum here at Hutch Tech is based off of CAD, or Computer Aided Design.  CAD itself has been around for quite some time now and has been pushing our abilities to engineer as well as design better, stronger, more advanced technologies and architecture.  In doing so CAD itself has evolved into a more diverse and improved technology.  There are very many CAD systems out today designed to increase productivity, accuracy and precision all the while decreasing the time necessary to develop the end result.

    Engineering disciplines vary greatly and all share many of the same standards as well as have their own unique standards.  The intention of these classes is to instruct the students on the basics of industry standards that are used by the majority of these disciplines. 

    CAD in the world of engineering is evolving on a yearly basis.  The industry standard today is 3D modeling.  Modeling software differs from standard CAD in that the part itself is defined fully in all three dimensional references.  With the introduction of 3D modeling, product and assembly design lead times have decreased dramatically.  Along with that we have been able to cycle assemblies and test material strength in the 3D digital world before any manufacturing is done.  This reduces mistakes and costly errors.  For the Engineering CAD class we build off of the basics of the CAD design that the students have developed in AutoCAD and then move on to using AutoDesk's premier 3D modeling software, Inventor.  Inventor is a parametric 3D modeling program with a similar interface as many of the other 3D modeling programs used by industry and gives the students a solid baseline introduction into 3D modeling.

    Hopefully these brief introductions will give you an insight of these powerful mechanical design and engineering tools as well as an idea of what the program is based upon.  I have also provided a few other presentations that further explain the uniqueness of the different programs.