Recycling - Sustainability

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle - This is a very important phrase that we see all the time in our everyday life.  However as a culture we actually weigh very little importance on it.  Consumerism as well as our passions for convenience have resulted in our world becoming a "Throw it away" society.  This frame of mind, this way of thinking is detrimental to our survival as a copious species on this planet. 

As one of the teachers of some of the future engineers of our society, I strive to bring awareness of recycling and sustainability into my curriculum whenever possible.  However as we all know teaching is most often best demonstrated by example.  With that idea in mind, our school has initialized a paper recycling program that I strongly encourage every student in the building to adhere to.  Unfortunately there currently is no area to recycle plastic or aluminum in our building.  Every plastic bottle or aluminum can used by students and faculty is currently thrown out. However, in my classroom there is a box that I have designated for the purpose of placing plastic and aluminum items that can be recycled.  Again these are any recyclable item whether it's a returnable deposit item or not I will see that it is properly recycled.  Please feel free to drop your recyclable items in the box in my room.  Or better yet try to not purchase any items that are packaged for one time use.