Engineering CAD/Design Solutions Outline




    -          Engineering Fundamentals


    -          Careers in Engineering


    -          Sketching


    -          Alphabet of lines

    o        Line types

    o        Line weights


    -          ANSI Formats

    o        Layers

    o        Scale


    -          Dimensioning Schemes

    o        Basic, Reference, Inspection dimensions

    o        Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerances


    -          Single view drawings/Isometrics/Axonometric/Pictorial Views


    -          Multi-view orthographic projections


    -          Auxiliary views


    -          Section views


    -          Basic working/assembly drawings


    -          Manufacturing Processes


    -          History of Engineering


    -          Basic 3D modeling

    o        Parametric modeling inputs

    o        2D drawing creation

    §         Orthographic projection, Dimensioning procedures, Auxiliary, Section and Pictorial views


    -          Feature Naming


    -          Parameters/Relations


    -          Fasteners and hardware


    -          Simple machines and mechanisms


    -          Assemblies

    o        Constraints

    o        Assembly drawings/Working drawings

    o        Exploded view presentation drawings

    o        Parts list – Bill Of Materials (BOM)


    -          Mechanisms

    o        Forces and motion constraints


    -          Problem solving skills

    o        Engineering design process


    -          Principals of design

    o        Aesthetic design process


    -          Product Redesign Activities

    o        Reverse Engineering


    -          Engineering and Product Applications


    -          Forces and Vectors


    -          Structure and Stress Analysis


    -          Sustainable Design, Recycling and Biomimicry


    -          Portfolio assembly

    o        Cover letter

    o        Resume writing

    o        Interview skills


    -          Surface Modeling/Advanced Solid Modeling


    -          Complex machine design


    -          Idea formation and brainstorming

    o        Advance sketching


    -          Design analysis

    o        Geometric breakdown

    o        Redesign techniques


    -          New product creation process