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    Grade 9 Global Studies

    Class Syllabus and Expectations                                                         

    September, 2018                                                        



    Global Studies is the chronological, topical study of humanity that begins with prehistoric man and continues to present day events.

    Ninth grade begins with a general introduction to geography, economics, political science, and history as areas of study. Global 9 content begins with the Paleolithic Era (10,000 BCE) and the development of the early river civilizations.  It continues with an examination of Classical Societies (Greece, Rome, China), and traces the expansion of trade networks and their global impact. The course emphasizes the key themes of interaction over time, shifts in political power, and the role of belief systems.  
    Furthermore, students are also expected to be aware of current local, national, and world events. The Global 9 course concludes with a teacher made final examination (following the Regents Global 10 format). 


    In addition to daily class work activities, students in Global Studies 9 will be assigned homework 2-3 days per week.  Homework must be completed and turned in on the assigned day in order to receive full credit.  Please refer to my webpage all Social Studies homework and projects will be posted on it.  You may also scan this QR code with your cellphone to access my site   


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    Parents: you also have the opportunity to sign up for Remind.  This will enable you to receive text messages informing you of when your child has homework or a test.  To subscribe to my Remind account: 

    -          Enter this number:  81010

    -          Text this message: @hutchtechg


     Students in Global Studies 9 can expect to be assigned four major projects, as well as a number of smaller ones – essays, creative writing, and debates.  A lot of emphasis will be placed on DBQ’S – document based questions- which measure a student’s ability to use primary source materials.  This is a reflection of the New York State Social Studies and English/Language Arts Common Core standards.  Students can expect to write one DBQ per marking period.  The minimum passing grade in Global Studies 9 is 65%. 


    Grading Policy

    Quarterly Averages are calculated as follows:  25% binder, 50% tests and projects, 25% homework, class work, and quizzes.  Students can earn up to 5 points on their average for class participation.  Tests will be given at the completion of a chapter in the text book. Quarterly assessments will be administered once each marking period and will be patterned after the Regents model. An absence for a test or quiz must be made up after school.


    COURSE EXPECTATIONS:  In order to do well in Global Studies 9, certain expectations must be met. 


    -          Attendance:  It is vital that students come to school daily, ready to learn.  When a student is absent from class, he or she is expected to make up any and all missing work the next day.  This is strictly the student’s responsibility.


    -          Materials:  Students should have all necessary supplies and bring them to class every day.  For Global Studies 9 they are:


    -         Textbook:  Students will be using World History: (Pearson) in class and for homework.  Students are responsible for their text book, are expected to keep it covered and are required to return it in good condition at the end of the school year. 


    -         A one-inch three ring binder with pockets.   Color is unimportant, but please label the binder indicating that it is for Global Studies only- other subject work is not to be kept in it.  Parents, please note:  Binders will be collected after each unit and graded.  Binder grades account for ¼ of a student’s average. 


    -         Four 2-pocket folders with clips:  At the end of each marking period, students are to empty out the contents of their binder and store them in a folder.  They will be used to prepare for the Global Studies Regents. 


    -         Loose leaf paper:  All homework and classwork assignments are expected to be done on loose leaf paper, with a proper heading.


    -          Pens:  Both blue/black and red (for editing work). 


    -         Colored pencils: We will be doing a lot of maps and project work in Global 9. Students should have their own set and keep it in their locker until needed.  They do not need to be brought to class every day.


    -         Daily planner.  Students will use this to keep track of their daily homework assignments and stay organized. Hutch Tech students also use their planner as a hall pass.


    -         A flash drive.  A lot of students have difficulty retrieving saved work from school computers.  Having a flash drive alleviates that problem and enables them to continue working on an assignment at home.



    Active Participation:   Students are expected to pay close attention in class and not allow themselves to be distracted by others. Volunteer an answer whenever possible and do not be afraid to make mistakes – this is how we learn.  If you are having trouble understanding something, let me know (in an appropriate manner). Help is available after school. Students will be notified as to after school hours at the beginning of each week .


    Behavior Expectations:  Each student is expected to: 

    -         Enter the classroom quietly, promptly, and ready to learn.  Take your assigned seat, locate your bell work on the Smartboard and begin it immediately.  Bell work is a review of the previous day’s lesson and should only take 5 minutes or so.  Occasionally, bellwork may be corrected and graded as a quiz.

    -         Bring all required supplies to class every day. 

    -         Be attentive and on task at all times.  Do not talk without permission or otherwise distract others. If you have something to say, or if you need something, raise your hand.  This is simply using GOOD MANNERS.  All students are expected to follow procedures regarding the lavatory, planners, pencil sharpening, etc. in all their classes.

    -         Pick up after themselves and help keep the room looking clean and neat.  Your mom does not come to school with you.

    -         Respect every student and every adult. Vulgar language and misconduct will not be tolerated.


    There is no excuse for failing! 

    -         If a student does poorly on a test, he or she can write out corrections (three times each) in complete sentences in order to raise the grade.

    -         All students earning a test grade of 90% or higher will be awarded a Homework Pass.


    Please note that my webpage will be kept up to date and is an excellent tool for both students and parents: