Mrs. Bachwitz



    Physical Setting / Regents Chemistry Lab


    Supplies List:

    - 3-ring binder or folder

    - pencils and pens

    - calculator

    -  highlighter

    Students will receive a summary of the year in science and class expectations on the first day of school.  Students and parents need to sign a safety and expectation contract and return these to school.

    Labs:  must complete 1200 minutes to be eligible to take the chemistry regents exam and lab will be 15% of your chemistry grade - 

    Specific Labs MUST be made-up if missed for class credit.

    Extra Help

    I am available in the morning, Mon-Fri (7:25 -7:55)

    and Mon-Thurs after school (2:35-3:45)

    See me for:
     help on homework, any confussion, any missed assignments or labs

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