Element Research

  • Name:  ___________________________                                                            Period: _______

    Element Research:  USE interactive periodic table website:  http://www.ptable.com/

    Typed on a word document and IN YOUR OWN WORDS, you will research an assigned element.  Your element research should consist of the following information.

    1.       Essential Data about the element.  (This can be in list format)

    Include names, symbol, atomic number, and atomic weight;  period, and group in periodic table; density, boiling and freezing point, state (phase) it is found in on the periodic table. 

    2.      History- meaning of the name, discovery and history of the element

    3.      Uses- what is it used for?

    4.      Geology- Abundance of elements in the universe; the sun; meteorites; Earth's crust; oceans; and streams.

    5.      Biology- Abundance in humans; biological role; and health hazards

    6.      Picture- copy a picture or draw a picture of the element



    To hand in work:

    1.      You may print a copy and turn it in to Ms. Green


    2.      You save the file under your H drive and then go to my website and download it using the directions under the “Drop Box for Assignments” tab. 

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