Guidance Services

  • Buffalo Public School's Department of Guidance and Counseling Services

    McKinley Admission Process

    Complete the Buffalo Public School application

    • Acceptance is based on three factors 

    1. 7th grade final averages (core subject areas)

    2. 8th grade 1st ten week averages (core subjects)

    3. teacher evaluation (numerical evaluation on students effort, attitude, study skills, initiative, and cooperation)

    We look for high academic averages. The cut off for most areas is 80 %. Horticulture and Aquatic Ecology have an 85% as the minimum average for acceptance with no exceptions. Note that incomplete applications will not be processed!

    NYS Diploma Requirements Gr. 9 Students Entering High School in (REVISED September 2016)
    College Planning
    Scholarship Searches
    PSAT/SAT Information
    Financial Aid Resources
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    Guidance & Counseling Services provides high quality, individual and group counseling, coordination and consultation of educational services to all students.

    Guidance & Counseling Services works collaboratively with parents, faculty, community, business and industry to enable every student, regardless of individual differences, to acquire the self- knowledge, educational, occupational and career development competencies necessary to be prepared to succeed and meet the challenges of an ever changing society.

    BPS Guidance & Counseling Supports for Students & Families: 

    • Social and Emotional Counseling
    • Academic Advisement
    • Individual or Small Group Counseling
    • Case Management
    • Middle School to High School Placement Assistance
    • Classroom and Group Activities
    • Crisis Counseling
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Positive Behavior Supports
    • College and Career Readiness Counseling
    • Career Exploration
    • College and Career Fairs