Aquatic Ecology

  • Aquatic Ecology

    When a student is accepted into the Aquatic Ecology program, he/she has demonstrated the ability to do Honors level work. Graduates from this program generally seek further studies in the areas of Environmental Science and Agriculture Science. Students will study the following areas:

    Ecological Concepts

    Wildlife Management

    Water Quality Testing



    Aqua Culture

    Thus this program is considered to be college preparatory and is highly competitive.  Only 24 students are accepted per year.  Students in this area are required to take all upper level science and math courses.  Students study various ecosystems and their effect on mankind.  As a general rule, shop time is spent in the field obtaining samples for study and analysis back in the lab.  Field work is completed at various sites in Erie, Niagara, and Genesee counties such as Tift Farms, Erie County Sugar Bush, and other conservation areas.  Students are also involved in conservation projects including:

    Raising fish for restocking local streams

    Setting up and maintaining wildlife feeding boxes

    Maintaining deer check stations

    During their junior and senior years, students are placed in internships at the Buffalo Zoo, Niagara Falls Aquarium and other local environmental agencies.