Building Trades

  • Building Trades

    When you enter the Building Trades programs you are choosing a shop that will allow you unlimited opportunities in the future. Graduates from this program have the option of going directly into the work force upon completion of high school, entering a two-year trade school for further training, or going to a four year post secondary institution.This program provides opportunities for self-employment in the private sector. The Building Trades area is extremely popular and, therefore, competition for acceptance into the program is very aggressive. The program is composed of four different, but closely aligned shop areas:

    Carpentry Plumbing Sheet Metal Electrical

    Exploratory Building Trades (EBT)

    (Grade 9 Only)

    All freshmen interested in a building trade program will be enrolled in each of the areas for a ten week introductory program. At the completion of the freshman year, the student, in conjunction with EBT faculty, will determine which course of study will be followed for the student’s remaining three years at McKinley H.S. Shop choices are determined by reviewing student performance, grades, attendance, and desire.


    There are 48 - 72 students accepted into this program at the beginning of their sophomore year. Students study the design and construction methods employed in the construction industry. All modern methods and materials are utilized and taught including:

    Drywall application • doors and windows • roofing • siding

    framing-using wood and metal

    During the students junior and senior years, full sized buildings will be constructed in the loft. Some senior students will be placed on a construction site in a work release program. Supervision will be done by the class instructor as well as the contractor.