• Horticulture

    Students who are accepted into the field of horticulture enter one of the most colorful of the career strands. In this area, students learn about the growing, distribution, and maintenance of plants, soil and flowers, and their arrangement, both indoors and out. Each year, 24-48 students are accepted into this four year course and students gain experience in three major fields of study:



    Green House Operations

    Students who graduate from the horticulture program are prepared in careers as florists, gardeners, growers, landscape planners, nursery operators, estate grounds managers, golf course grounds keeper, general landscape management and materials for retail sales as well as actual retail selling. Students also recieve extensive experience in the preparation of plants and materials. In addition to the regularly mandated course work, the horticulture program requires that students pass Chemistry.

    Participation in the Future Farmers of America (F.F.A.) is an integral part of this shop area. This club offers the students the thrill of competing against their peers in regional, state level, and attendance at various conventions and workshops.

    During their junior and senior years, horticulture students are expected to participate in an internship or work release program. All graduates are able to be employed in the field of horticulture if they desire. Graduates are also prepared to enroll in post secondary schools for further study in the area of agriculture.