• How often do I give homework?

           Students should expect to receive 'le devoir' throughout the week and also on selected weekends. Students should review vocabulary/grammar daily in anticipation of a future quiz and or unit test. The exception to this are the French 3 and 4 classes which operate on a A,C,E and B,D,F schedule since both are in the same period. Students in these classes complete assignments in class when I am working with the opposite level. However, any work not completed in class is expected to be completed as homework. 

    How can parent(s)/guardian(s) contact you?

           You can always leave a message for me with the school secretary. Simply call 816-4480, and I will return your call as soon as possible. If you prefer to send an e-mail, please use:kfrank@buffaloschools.org. Additionally, you can always send a note to school with your child.

    What happens if a student does not hand in a graded assignment on time?

    With the exception of homework, I will except late assignments, however their grade will be lowered 5 points per day, up to 20 max. I much rather they do the assignment than not. I will waive the penalty if you have a medical excuse.

    How do I figure students' grades?

    Homework - cumulative grade to equal 100% at the end of 10 weeks

    Tests/quizzes - 100%

    Class Participation - 2 points per day = 10 points per week = 100 points at the end of 10 weeks

            ATTENDANCE counts!

    Projects - 100%

    *Remember, I merely record the students' grades. I do not give good or bad grades. Students earn all grades received!

    Yes, bonus points are available to each student who chooses to participate in the index card program!