Notes and Assignments

  • Final Double Exposure Project

    Click on the youtube video below. 

    Make sure you go to the full site to download all of the files needed for this project.

    The ONLY thing you will do differently is how your cut the man out.  In the video he uses the pen tool.  You will cut the man using your channels live we've been doing


    Double Exposure Graphics in Photoshop

    Double Exposure is when two images are super imposed on the same canvas.

    It allows for deep meaning full and fasinating combinations

    The best double exposures are done with the main picture having a plan white background.

    The blending modes used are
    • Screen (most common)
    • Multiply
    • Lighten
    • Soft Light
    • Overlay

    Download the two Miley Cyrus and the Great Britain photos below, to learn how to create your own double exposure.

    Double Exposure 1 Video: Using the images you downloaded last week, complete the double exposure project.


    You are a designer for different car manufactures. You must create a final variable data file for two (2) of the manufactures. Highlighting at least six of their 2017 models.


    The project should have:

    -       At least one picture of the car ( you can have more)

    -       Make

    -       Model

    -       Year

    -       Base Retail Price

    -       Description of car and features

    You are to create a nice background and layout for this project.  Remember you want it to catch the customers eye.


    Make sure all of your information is correct and all pictures match the information


    You are designer for a portrait studio.  You have to create the picture day flyer for McKinley High Schools picture day.

    Size 11X17
    Dates- November 3rd & 4th

    Below are examples of possible flyers.


    Variable Data Printing


    You are working for an advertising agency.  Two clients have come to you to create a postcard size flyer promoting their business.  They would like the flyers to be personalized for each individual customer. 

    Customer 1-Elliott Travel
    Customer 2-Joe Fresh Clothing Store
    Card design size 4x6

    • Create a flyer design inviting people to check out each business. Remember to use words that with capture the clients attention. 
    • Create a 20 person data merge file of each flyer.  Each data merge file should have different names.  So customer 1's names should not be the same as customer 2's

    Due by the end of class 10-24-16

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