Notes/ Classwork

  • After reading chapter one: The World of Work: Choices and Challenges you should know the meaning of the following:

    • work
    • job
    • career
    • life-style
    • identity
    • esteem
    • self-realization
    You should also know:

    • The impact women have had in the workplace
    • Maslows 5 basic needs for humans
    • The seven steps of decision making

    Make sure you review the study questions at the end of chapter one.  You will have a quiz on Friday 9-18-09

    Classwork for 9-14-09

    Today you are going to make a career plan.  After clicking on the link below you are going to click on the MY PORTFOLIO button at the top of the page. Click on create account and fill out the necessary information.  After you have created your account, log in and start filling out the information for your career plan by clicking on the different numbers on the right side of the topics. 

    Your career plan must be done by Wednesday September 23, 2009

    Click on the link below