• Studio in Graphic Design    Syllabus 

    Course Description:

    Graphic design is a diverse field with many career choices. In the various projects the students will learn an understanding of what graphic design/arts is, how it impacts their daily life while developing new skills in multiple computer graphics software applications including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign. 


    Students will be able to develop a heightened set of skills in design with a focus on problem solving skills that will enrich the students future in education, employment and life. Students will be able to work independently to complete required projects in preparation for college and/or career

    Teacher Expectations:

    Students are expected to be to class on time. Each student will work to the best of his or

    her ability to complete assignments on time and to foster an attitude of learning


    The student code of conduct will be enforced. Also, in order to maintain a safe environment,

    conducive to learning and teaching. In addition to the code of conduct, students must follow safety rules of the class and the following  additional rules.  (see classroom safety rules on back)


    1. Follow directions the first time given.

    2. No talking while the instructor is addressing the class.

    3. No equipment use without permission.

    4. No inappropriate talk. (swearing and  racial comments, insults)

    Course Requirements:

    Problem solving, Team work, basic algebra, basic writing

    Units of Study

    Introduction to Graphic Design (What is graphic design)

    Research graphic design styles and trends through history (style and fashion)

    Computer graphic software (Illustrator, photoshop and in design)

    Advertising Design



    Team building / project planning and execution

    Terms, Color, Measurement

    Grading Policy

     Projects – 50%      Benchmark – 20%    Assessments – 20%    Daily Performance Score – 10%