• This Page is designed to give visitors an idea of how important Safety is at McKinley and in the HVAC Shop.  Below are the class/safety rules, look them over to see the expectations of the class. 

    Safety is a priority and the rules must be written twice by each student, you cannot work in the HVAC shop with signed copies.



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    HVAC Class Safety Rules:

    1. Students will be required to sit in their assigned seat when entering the classroom.

    2. Attendance is required to pass the course! Poor attendance will result in an unsatisfactory grade because the student will not have enough class time to complete all assignments.



    5. Safety glasses, work gloaves, and masks must be worn at all times in the shop area!

    6. NO: Cell Phones, or any other types of electronic devices are allowed in the theory room or in the shop area!  If cell phone use is a  continuous problem a call will be made to your home and reported in Infinate campus.  Your vise principal will be made aware of the problem!!!

    7. Book assignments must be completed by the end of the class on the day they were assigned.

      1. All book assignmnets MUST be completed in Schoology; unless directed by Mr. Ventura.
      2. If you are absent, all assignments are due by the end of the day you return to class.

    8. Book bags are not allowed in the classroom at anytime.

    9. There is to be NO EATING or DRINKING in class.

    10. Graffiti will not be tolerated on any school property (Examples: books, desks, walls, etc…)!

    11. All assignments must be 100% completed in order to be turned in for a grade.

    12. No open toed footwear are to be worn in the shop and class area; ONLY leather covered shoes, sneakers, or boots are acceptable forms of footwear!

    13. Students should not be in the shop area unless instructed by the shop teacher.  Only the shop teacher can permit you into the shop area, substitute teachers are NOT allowed to give permission to be in the shop area.

    14. Never remove shop tools from the shop area!

    15. All tools must be handled properly and used in the correct manor! Not handling the tools properly can result in discipline from administration.

      1. Any misuse or damage of a tool will result in CLASS DISPLINARY ACTION!
      2. Students will hand write Chapter 3 "Safety" pages 34 - 39 word for word.  This work will be counted as a grade.
    16. All tools must be put back in their proper place at the end of each shop class.

    17. Sharpies or permanent markers are not allowed in the Theory Room and NO students are allowed to bring them to class without permission.

    18. All Sharpie markers are to be returned to Mr. Ventura at the end of each shop class.

    19. Students are not allowed to use the class computers without the teacher’s permission!

    20. No sitting on top of the shop benches or drafting tables in the theory room.

    21. Any cuts, scrapes, or scratches MUST be reported to Mr. Ventura immediately!

    22. Students are not to leave the classroom without the teacher’s permission.

    23. When the garage doors are open, students are not to stand at/near or outside of the door area. You must remain in the shop at all times.

    24. Metal should NEVER be thrown in the shop class!

    25. No student is allowed to remove any metal from the shop area without permission!

    26. Never use a power tool or machine without the instructor’s knowledge.

    27. Always wash your hands with soap and water after completing work in the shop class.

    28. Violation of any one of these rules could result in: a loss of points from your grade, a call to your parents, and/or disciplinary action from the administration.