Classroom News

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    Communication is a key to any class. Under this section, you may find current and archived news and newsletters, upcoming events and important dates.

    SAFETY NOTES:  Safety Notes are to be written at the beginning of every school year!!! There are no exceptions! Students Must turn in 2 hand written copies of the safety notes before working in the shop area!  The notes are on the main under the Safety Notes tab on the main page.
    Schoology: this web page is used in conjuction with Schoology.  If you are looking for Notes and Vocabulary you will be able to find them here before they amy be posted on Schoology
    Class Notes: Students are responsible to copy the class notes.  Under "Classroom News" you will find each of the Three HVAC class listed. Under each tab you will be able to find the full class notes of each chapter that is being covered.  Students need to have the notes copied in order to pass the Chapter Test!!