Mrs. Bicheler


    Mission Statement: I want students to be comfortable doing math! I want students to demonstrate the skills necessary for lifelong learning.  With hard work, and determination all students can do math. 

    Education: I graduated from Canisius College in 2007 with a major in Mathematics and Education grades 5-12.  I graduated from Buffalo State College in 2014 with a Masters in Mathematics Education.

    Experience at McKinley High School: I began teaching at McKinley High School in May of 2007. I have taught Algebra, Algebra Exam Review, Geometry, Algebra Common Core and  Algebra Year 1 of 2 Common Core.  I also coached the McKinley High School Swim Team from 2007-2015.  This is my 10th school year at McKinley High School!


    Math in Movies

    Stand And Deliver "The Finger Man"      (Multiplying by 9)           

    21 "The Game Show Question" Little Big League "How Long Does it Take to Paint a House"